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Nimba Myotis Bat - Adopt-a-Bat

Nimba Myotis Bat - Adopt-a-Bat

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In 2021, a team of scientists that included Bat Conservation International biologists were the first to record the existence of a never-before-seen bat in the Nimba Mountains of Guinea in West Africa. The team named it Myotis nimbaensis or the Nimba myotis bat.

BCI’s Adopt-a-bat program offers a fun way to introduce the young and the young-at-heart to the world of bats. When you adopt a bat, you will receive:

  • a plush stuffed Nimba myotis bat toy!
  • an official adoption certificate
  • complete species profile information

Your support helps BCI preserve and protect bats around the world!

Approximate wing size of toy: 12in
Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.
Note: You will not receive a live bat.

SPECIAL OFFER: For only $25 more, you can receive 1 year of BCI membership included with your adopted bat.

Membership includes: 

  • subscription to BCI’s BATS magazine
  • subscription to BCI’s e-newsletter
  • a discount to visit Bracken Cave Preserve
  • a discount for future BCI shop orders
  • the knowledge that you are furthering the conservation of bats!

After checkout, you'll receive a donation receipt for your $25 membership contribution if you subscribe to our emails. Only one membership may be purchased per year for an individual, i.e. purchasing 3 Adopt-a-Bats with memberships, will not result in active membership for 3 years.

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