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Bat & Agave Sketch - Cotton Canvas Tote

Bat & Agave Sketch - Cotton Canvas Tote

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Bats and agave have a mutualistic relationship! Pregnant bats need the sweet nectar from agave plants to make their annual migratory journeys between central Mexico and the U.S. Southwest to give birth to a single pup. Protecting and restoring agave habitat is critical, not just for bats, but for the ecosystems and communities that rely on them. The Agave Restoration Initiative, a binational collaboration of diverse partners, works to save bats, restore agave corridors, and support communities in sustainable agricultural and business practices. Learn more at

This tote is made of 100% cotton canvas and measures 15" x 16".

  15" x 16"
Width, in 15.00
Length, in 16.00
Handle length, in 20.00


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