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Past Fiesta Medals

Past Fiesta Medals

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Fiesta is an annual festival in San Antonio, TX where one of the much-beloved traditions is collecting decorative and commemorative medals throughout the week-long festivities.  Because Bracken Cave Preserve isn't far from San Antonio, BCI has been an avid participant for a number of years!  But if you missed getting your BCI medal last Fiesta (or the last few Fiestas), you can now purchase previous medals online!  

Each medal has a standard hinge-open pin on the back, and measures approximately 4" long and 2" wide.

The 2024 Fiesta Medal is now on sale!  Purchase it online here.

*Note: You will leave and go to the manufacturer's website. After Fiesta, the 2024 medals will be available for purchase on our site. Profits from all sales of the medal go to BCI.

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