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Florida Bonneted Bat - Adopt-a-Bat

Florida Bonneted Bat - Adopt-a-Bat

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Florida bonneted bats (Eumops floridanus) are endemic to southern Florida, and are found mainly in Miami, Coral Gables, and Fort Lauderdale areas. Florida bonneted bats are among the largest bats found in North America. With a limited geographic range and small population size, Florida bonneted bats are vulnerable to decline from habitat loss and disturbance as well as natural disasters, such as hurricanes. Learn more about the Florida bonneted bat!

BCI’s Adopt-a-bat program offers a fun way to introduce the young and the young-at-heart to the world of bats. When you adopt a bat, you will receive:

  • a plush Florida bonneted bat toy!
  • an official adoption certificate
  • complete species profile information

Your support helps BCI preserve and protect bats around the world!

Approximate wing size of toy: 12in
Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.
Note: You will not receive a live bat.

SPECIAL OFFER: For only $25 more, you can receive 1 year of BCI membership included with your adopted bat.

Membership includes: 

  • subscription to BCI’s BATS magazine
  • subscription to BCI’s e-newsletter
  • a discount to visit Bracken Cave Preserve
  • a discount for future BCI shop orders
  • the knowledge that you are furthering the conservation of bats!

After checkout, you'll receive a donation receipt for your $25 membership contribution if you subscribe to our emails. Only one membership may be purchased per year for an individual, i.e. purchasing 3 Adopt-a-Bats with memberships, will not result in active membership for 3 years.

For frequently asked membership questions, click here.

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