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Florida Bonneted Bat - Canvas Shopping Tote

Florida Bonneted Bat - Canvas Shopping Tote

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Save the Florida Bonneted Bat! The Florida bonneted bat (Eumops floridanus) is the rarest bat in the United States. This species has suffered habitat loss due to rapid land development and climate change, which increases the intensity and frequency of storms, reducing natural roost availability. As a consequence, the species’ population has been in decline for decades. Natural roosts are known in only a few locations across South Florida. In collaboration with Zoo Miami, BCI leads key research to understand species distribution, foraging habits, and diet in the urban environment. We also build, monitor, and maintain specially designed artificial roosts for Florida bonneted bats in Miami to increase roost availability.   

One side of the tote features an illustration of a Florida bonneted bat with a passionflower, while the other lists educational information about this bat.

This art was created by V. Steiner, a Florida born and raised painter and illustrator.  See her other works featuring Florida wildlife and more at

.: Material: 10oz./yd² natural cotton canvas fabric
.: One size: 18" x 15" (45.7cm x 38.1cm)
.: Easy-carry handles and spacious unfoldable bottom gusset
.: Print on both sides

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