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Save their Forest - Shearling Blanket

Save their Forest - Shearling Blanket

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Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. But this home to nearly 30,000 endemic species of plant and animals is at a crossroads. Significant mining operations and illegal timber extraction are fracturing the landscape and threatening countless species with extinction. Among those most at risk is one of the planet’s rarest bats – the highly endangered Antioquian sac-winged bat (Saccopteryx antioquensis). This bat is so rare it was thought to be extinct before being recently rediscovered. On the very verge of permanent extinction, the few bats still in existence are now threatened by large-scale limestone and marble extraction. Your purchase will help us protect thousands of acres to save this bat's future.

This art was created by Elizabeth Builes, a Colombian artist known for her evocative style and narrative illustration. See more of her work at

This snuggly blanket is available in two sizes and has a soft polyester front and a faux shearling back.

.: 100% Polyester
.: Available in two sizes
.: Grey faux shearling back
.: Rounded corners


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